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With partners and associates in Singapore, China, UK and Australia, nanoKnowledge® is a global firm with no need for a central office. Our consultants enjoy mobile and flexible work arrangements that allow us to attract experts from anywhere in the world. When we started in 2003, we called Singapore, our headquarters; but today we do not believe that one country should be more important than another. Instead, we operate under a 'nanoKnowledge® Network' principle where each location adheres to the values and principles that unite us as an international network of networks -- while maintaining our unique local characteristics no matter what our nationality or country.

The enquiry form below is for general enquiries only. You may use it to send us your message. If you want to speak with one of our consultants, please state the nature of your enquiry clearly and provide us with your contact information for verification. All consultations (including face-to-face, video- and tele-conferencing options) are strictly by appointment only. Fees may apply in some cases, which is why we ask you to state the nature of your enquiry clearly.

Before you submit your enquiry, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. If you encounter any difficulty with sending us your message using the form below, you may use Facebook, or Twitter, to contact us. Please note that due to the volume of enquiries we receive everyday from around the world, we may not be able to respond to your enquiry immediately.