From Small Things, Big Things Grow™


International Knowledge Brokers & Management Consultants

nanoKnowledge® is a brand name synonymous with empowering a unique and interdisciplinary system of leadership and mentoring across traditional borders and fields of learning, work and sports excellence. We began in 2003 as an innovative training business that grew and evolved into the world's first enterprise knowledge brokerage and management consulting network. Since 2003, nanoKnowledge® has taught many businesses, industry associations and government agencies how to navigate the globalisation challenge by innovating and collaborating with other businesses and organisations, educational and research institutions, industry and community networks. Today, our international network of partners and associates are renowned for trailblazing new lifelong learning experiences, leading world-class training programs, and innovating knowledge management solutions for enterprise.

We connect local enterprises to international markets through our global network of people with specialist know-how. We teach regional businesses how to internationalise and focus/diversify their products and services. And we cultivate innovation in schools, universities, businesses and industries, by providing experienced mentors who encourage the cross-pollination of innovative ideas that support stronger industry connections and more sustainable partnerships. We encourage personal innovation in schools through experiential learning and team-building travel expeditions -- because we believe in helping students recognise and appreciate their extracurricular talents.

nanoKnowledge® Pathways to Excellence™ is our suite of leadership, teambuilding and life-skills development programs -- designed by us and delivered in partnership with world-class education partners, as well as renowned travel, tourism and hospitality brands -- for schools and educational institutions. In 2008, we introduced bespoke learning journeys for schools that have become memorable and transformational 'travel & learn' opportunities for students today. We also facilitate world-class high-performance training programs for elite sports clubs and competition teams.