From Small Things, Big Things Grow™

nanoKnowledge® Network of Educators & Trainers

Are you an educator or trainer who has inspired others to challenge the limits of what is possible? Are you someone who encourages learners and would-be-leaders to create bold solutions?

At nanoKnowledge®, we are looking for educators and trainers: who have demonstrated ingenuity and resourcefulness; who approach teaching and learning creatively; and, who are interested to inspire critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation. We want teachers and facilitators who are interested to learn what their students know so that lessons can be enriched with relevant and transformational life experiences.

Education has long been used as an economic lever to fill labour skills shortages. When education is used to improve economic performance, educators and trainers are often burdened with writing assessments, reports and rationalising outcomes and results. This is why we think it is time to shift the focus of education back to the students / learners.   Instead of asking them to study so that they can find a job, we ask them what problems they want to solve.

In shifting the focus back to what students and learners want to learn, we encourage more conversations on the purpose of education.  We see educators and trainers playing a critical role in shaping the mindsets of students and learners -- from "who do you want to work for" to "what do I need to learn" to be able to do that.   We want our teachers to be catalysts of human innovation and creativity! 

Will you join us?  See below for how to apply.

nanoKnowledge® Network of Knowledge Management Consultants & Associates

Are you interested in a career in enterprise knowledge brokering and management consulting?

To be a nanoKnowledge® Management Consultant means to be consistently able and self-motivated to find out how and why clients do things in certain ways, so that you can contribute ground-breaking improvements inspired by nanoKnowledge® perspectives. Commitment, concentration, care, attention to details, teamwork, and passion for what nanoKnowledge® can do -- are some of the key ingredients of our success as a transnational enterprise. 

We are also looking for talented, forward-thinking individuals, organisations, institutions and businesses, to collaborate with as we grow our global network of associates who actively serve in their local communities. 

To be a nanoKnowledge® Associate means to be attentive to details and caring about community because you appreciate how "from small things, big things grow™". We want collaborators who look forward to exceeding expectations and expanding new horizons. More importantly, you must have the willingness and capability to plan with nanoKnowledge® for up to three (3) years ahead.  We require Associates to be able to share with us an outline of your business direction or plan for the next 3 years.  This is because we will map your plan to our 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year plans.  And this is so that we can increase the statistical probability that our collaboration will be profitable and sustainable.  It always pays to plan ahead, and begin with the end in mind.

To apply, see below.

How to apply

Each nanoKnowledge® Network utilises a combination of academic, experiential, and community service-based activities to support and guide members through the practices of entrepreneurship -- including nurturing members' personal confidence and clarity of business direction along the way. We know that new colleagues and associates often need the skills, courage, abilities and work experience, to prepare themselves for the constantly evolving challenges of corporate, institutional, and public life. Members of our networks can look forward to organising or participating in new challenges, such as: innovative learning programs; participating in topical and industry discussions; leading group collaboration projects; community service; and work experience opportunities or professional assignments abroad.

Our goal is to be the world's preferred network of knowledge management networks through the converging pathways of training, education, business, technology, and sustainability.

Grow with us, as a member of our worldwide nanoKnowledge® Network.  Use the form below to apply.


To apply for membership with our nanoKnowledge® Networks , please use the electronic form below. Please note that registration does not mean automatic qualification.  We screen all applications to ensure that people are who they claim to be, so please bear with us.

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified, and qualification will be subject to approval and interview by a managing partner of nanoKnowledge®.  If you have a question or would like more information before applying, please use our General Enquiry form instead.

If you have a question or would like more information before applying, please use our General Enquiry form instead.  If you encounter any difficulty using the form below, you can also reach us via Facebook or Twitter.