From Small Things, Big Things Grow™

[email protected] is a world class nanoKnowledge® Pathway to Excellence in Hospitality™ that provides transformational learning experiences for educators, career seekers, and students of Hospitality Leadership and Management.

Conceived in 2007, XL @ Hospitality began as an innovation platform for educational institutions, industry organisations and businesses: to teach real-life lessons from firsthand leadership encounters; and a wealth of insights that no ordinary classroom can replicate. Today, XL @ Hospitality is supported by an exciting array of world class hospitality brands, including leading schools of hospitality, international hotels and resorts, avant-garde community clubs, food and beverage venues. The Pathway integrates customisable industry immersion activities to accommodate different levels of experience in hospitality management in Australia. 

Why choose [email protected]?

The impact of hospitality leadership on the international economy is growing.  In 2014, the worldwide travel and tourism industry represented more than 270 million jobs, contributing nearly 10 per cent of the world's Gross Domestic Product.  The travel and tourism sector is expected to enjoy accelerated growth in the coming years, with the hospitality industry being a key contributor to economic growth in many countries, regions, cities and towns across the globe.   As the industry expands and diversifies, local hospitality schools, industry organisations and businesses need to evolve their view of the world in order to stay relevant.

To capitalise on the growth of the global hospitality industry, educational institutions, industry organisations and businesses need to be able to create innovative ways to stand out from the competition, particularly in the search for more discerning customers as well as talented staff. 

Students of hospitality management schools and hospitality career seekers also need to become more aware of global employment trends, to broaden their career horizons through wider learning and international work experiences.

Key Features

  • 6-days 5-nights residential camp program with built-in transformational leadership activities designed to foster teamwork, character development, confidence, as well as useful skills for life;

  • World class activities facilitated by well-travelled guides, experienced trainers, teachers, senior managers and industry leadership veterans;

  • Customisable industry immersion activities and experiences that provide invaluble insights into one of the world's fastest growing economic sectors.

As the global hospitality industry expands, local notions around working in hospitality need to evolve.  XL @ Hospitality helps to catalyse change through the following modules:

  • Orientation and Management of Outcomes --  one of the key components to effective leadership is setting expectations for others to know how to follow. Participants learn how to set goals for their individual learning experiences. Participants are introduced to journal writing as a simple method of documenting their reflections on what they experience in the program.

  • Team and Character Building Activities -- designed to encourage participants to physically grow out of their comfort zones and routines.  This module incorporates a confidence-building outdoor team challenge using forest tree-tops and ropes. Employment in the hospitality industry is often associated with long hours, and workers often need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to endure the many challenges on-the-job.  Participants will learn how to face their fears, and appreciate the value of supporting/helping one’s teammates through their journey.

  • World Class Theme Park Management Tour -- in this module, participants go behind-the-scenes at a leading wildlife sanctuary to learn more about wildlife hospitality; meet some of Australia’s iconic and unique wildlife; and develop a stronger appreciation of sustainability and conservation.

  • Luxury Brand Hospitality Experience -- to learn from and experience the world’s first fashion-branded hotel and water-front resort.  Participants take part in the "Dare To Be Different" master class facilitated by the International Hotel School. Participants have the exclusive opportunity to go behind-the-scenes: meet the management and staff of this world class hotel; view the rooms, suites and apartments; dine at one of the award-winning restaurants; and learn about a leading luxury hospitality brand's approach to customer service excellence.  

  • Community Brand Hospitality Experience -- this module incorporates a visit to “The Best Little Club in the World” where participants gain insights into how a small community club can consistently win big awards. The club's commitment to sustainability -- from its ethos of ordering local produce, to the creation of worm farms, herb and vegetable gardens, to the inclusion of rain water tanks to water the gardens and other non-potable uses -- has helped reduce waste by 10,000 tonnes and elevated its food outlets into self-sufficient institutions renowned for consistency in service and food quality.

  • Australian Hospitality Skills Training Experience -- participants take part in professional hospitality skills workshops (e.g. basic barista skills, beer pouring technique, customer service philosophy) facilitated and accredited by a leading Australian training college.  Meet with the inspirational staff and enthusiastic students through fun-filled activities.

  • Leadership Cafe ("L-cafe") -- participants meet a panel of leading industry professionals to learn about the culture of hospitality leadership.  Industry leaders share why they chose to pursue their careers in hospitality.  Participants also have the opportunity to ask questions and broaden their view of the world of hospitality.


  • Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


The budget for this residential program may vary according to its duration and the level of customisation you require.  The minimum number of participants required is 20.

In general, the standard cost includes

  • accommodation and breakfast;

  • local transportation and guide;

  • a world-class team of instructors and facilitators;

  • teambuilding / community activities;

  • standard program activities, such as, visits to hospitality industry venues and educational institutions.

* Peak and shoulder season surcharges may apply.  Special group pricings are available for groups with 70 or more participants.  All prices are in Australian Dollars. Terms and conditions apply.

Your pathway to excellence begins here

At nanoKnowledge® , we believe that pioneering journeys ought to be part of every person's rite of passage to an inter-connected world. Travel experiences, in the form of pioneering learning journeys, are about coming out of our comfort zones, stretching our talents and abilities, and celebrating our place in the world. Our world class pathways to excellence programs are defined not by destinations, but by the innovative journeys that bridge new insights, friendships and shared connections with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. 

How to make an enquiry about the Program

If you would like us to provide you with a quotation for a customised program, please provide us with the following:

  • What you and your group would like to achieve from the program

  • Your group's intended length of stay and your preferred program dates 

  • Expected number and profile of participants 

  • Budget preference for meals, accommodation, and mode of transportation / travel

  • Whether a language translator is required (additional costs may apply)

  • Whether you want to include any additional activities, such as group tours or recreational activities that are not usually included in the standard program

  • Requirement to include any particular insurance coverage

  • Any other special requirements