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XL @ Paddlesports™

nanoKnowledge® Pathways to Excel @ Paddlesports™ provides high performance training programs in Kayaking / Canoeing, integrated with customisable outdoor learning and adventure experiences to suit different youth age groups (from 14 years old and above). Group activities can include team building activities, high-ropes or obstacle challenges, stand-up paddling, bush trekking, wildlife safari, ocean cruise, vertical marathon, long distance cycling, resort stay, or residential camp.

Program highlights

  • World class activities facilitated by experienced sports coaches, mentors and motivational trainers with international experience and/or who have participated in world-class competitions (such as the Olympic Games);

  • "Think It, Feel It, Say It, Do It" -- innovative character and teambuilding residential camp;

  • Personal and team leadership development through communal living experiences and moderated challenges;

  • Life-skills and other learning experiences that foster independence, self-confidence and resilience;


  • Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

  • Perth, Western Australia


The budget for this acclaimed residential program may vary according to its duration and the level of customisation you require. The minimum number of participants required is 20.

In general, the standard cost includes

  • accommodation and meals;

  • local transportation and standard training equipment;

  • a world-class team of instructors, facilitators and training program;

  • teambuilding and community activities;

  • entrance and activity fees.

* Peak season surcharges may apply. Special group pricing is available for groups with 25 or more participants. All prices are in Australian Dollars. Terms and conditions apply.


“It was great to get to know John, Jerry, Shirley, Megan, David and thanks to them, things went smoothly and all of us enjoyed our trip. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and the Green Challenge were great experiences as well. It was the first time I tried SUP and though it was for only a short time, it was REALLY FUN.The Green Challenge was the first time I dared to do the high rope adventures – flying fox, walking on ropes high above the ground. It was quite challenging but doing it with our friends made it fun as well. It has been a really great and unforgettable experience." Lynette

“The accommodation here is great! The view is great, the apartment has everything, and really, it was enjoyable staying here for the past few days. Thankful to have everyone here .... It was fun and an unforgettable experience." – Zhong Li

“Through this trip, I really learnt about mental strength. Desire is a very important thing for athletes. Desire + hard work = some sort of success." Angel

" Through this trip I learnt the importance of teamwork, accepting my team mates and dealing with my flaws. I really like how this trip brought my whole team closer and how we can return more energised and ready to face challenges as a team.The high elements portion was probably the best despite the fact I screamed my lungs out. My teammates were motivating me and stuff so that really helped. I think it’s good that we weren’t given that much time to shop because we spent the time more meaningfully in the wildlife sanctuary, kayaking ... and learning how to cook! Never thought the trip would be as fun as it was so yeah! :) I think giving us the freedom and responsibility to take care of the apartment we lived in and cook meals really helped because it helps us mature to beindependent teenagers, and that’s really important in today’s world." Vidya

“Most importantly, it is the people we get to meet during the trip that really enhance our canoeing experience. Coach John and Jerry have helped us a lot by providing tips and correcting our mistakes through the use of video. It is really amazing to see yourself paddling on a screen at 1/16x the normal speed, sometimes hilarious! Coach John also shared some insights on lifestyle and mentality which gave me a new perspective of life and interest for canoeing. Megan, Shirley and David have also put in tremendous amount of effort to make this trip as successful and engaging for us, which I firmly believe that everyone is grateful and we appreciate all they have done.... I lived in an apartment with my fellow friends from canoeing. The experience we had from shopping, for our necessities, to cooking together, and doing household chores together, made us feel closer to each other.... The memories of this trip will definitely stay etched in my mind for years to come." Li Jian

More testimonials and information are available by request.

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At nanoKnowledge® , we believe that pioneering journeys ought to be part of every person's rite of passage to an inter-connected world. Travel experiences, in the form of pioneering learning journeys, are about coming out of our comfort zones, stretching our talents and abilities, and celebrating our place in the world. Our world class pathways to excellence programs are defined not by destinations, but by the innovative journeys that bridge new insights, friendships and shared connections with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Think it, Feel it, Say it, Do it™ by John Newton

How to make an enquiry about the Program

If you would like us to provide you with a quotation for a customised program, please provide us with the following:

  • What you and your group would like to achieve from the program

  • Your group's intended length of stay and your preferred program dates

  • Expected number and profile of participants

  • Budget preference for meals, accommodation, and mode of transportation / travel

  • Whether a language translator is required if your first language is other than English

  • Whether you want to include any additional activities, such as group tours or recreational activities that are not usually included in the standard program.

  • Requirement to include any particular or extensive insurance coverage

  • Any other special requirements