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From Small Things, Big Things Grow™

Established since 2003, nanoKnowledge® is the world's first enterprise knowledge brokerage network. Our international network of partners and associates are renowned for leading enterprise knowledge management, corporate training, and the creation of shareable lifelong learning experiences. nanoKnowledge® is a pioneer in the application and synthesis of knowledge brokering cycles across traditional lines dividing enterprise, industries and business sectors. We move innovations from business to business (B2B) because new ideas are the currency of the knowledge economy. We teach our clients -- e.g. industries, businesses, organisations, institutions, and schools -- how to identify and use old ideas as raw materials for new ideas; and how to innovate better by cross-pollinating innovative ideas.

nanoKnowledge® is a pioneer in the field of creating shareable ‘travel and learn’ leadership training experiences and learning journeys. Our goal is to empower an interdisciplinary system of leadership excellence across traditional borders and fields of study. This is why we created nanoKnowledge® Pathways to Excellence™. Unlike a traditional centre of excellence, nanoKnowledge® Pathways to Excellence™ is our young-at-heart brand portfolio of world-class leadership training and mentoring programs, managed exclusively by nanoKnowledge® and supported by an international network of businesses and institutions. Established since 2006, nanoKnowledge® Pathways to Excellence™ is designed to build teams of people and move them through innovative experiences of pioneering leadership applied to real-life industry. Would you like to learn more?

We believe that knowledge sharing and exchange experiences should always be aimed at promoting newer, more broad-minded generations of innovation. These generations of innovation, which we call "generative innovations", are typically represented in: market diversification and industry specialisation (for an example, refer to Tham, 2010); and/or, organisational development and sustainable renewal. nanoKnowledge® supports innovation in education, training, tourism, and technology. We cultivate innovation leadership practices by seeding knowledge sharing with world-class internationalisation experiences. We like to teach the world to travel, learn and share. And this is why we are passionate about collaborating with inspirational educators around the world, to design, invest, and create, unique 'travel and learn' / 'share and learn' activities. We are always interested to connect with talented individuals, forward-thinking organisations, leading institutions and businesses, and grow our international nanoKnowledge® Network. Would you like to grow with us?


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